Children of the Sun


Children of the Sun


Track Title: "Children of the Sun"

Music and Lyrics by: Johnny Veres

Guitar & Vocals: Johnny Veres

Vocals & French Horn: Beth Hataway Veres

Lead guitar: Joseph Johnson

Electric & Double Bass: Russell Thomas Bush

Drums: Sam Pittinos

Violin: Kimi Samson

Harpsichord: Thomas Bowers

Bowed Vibraphone: Russell Thomas Bush & Johnny Veres

Engineered by: Robert Shimp (Technical Earth Recorders)

Mixed by: Robert Shimp

Mastered by: John Golden (Golden Mastering)

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Waiting for the sun to carry me away into the sea

Watch the water rising but for you and not for me

As you slip out of sight day falls into night and I stand all alone

A mist born of a wave is just a haze when kissed by the sun

Why Can't we live somewhere between the waves and sky

Something tells me it's not enough to yearn to fly

Wading through the water but it's too deep for me

As I sink to the bottom I can see the sun shining down on me

Why'd I have to be so heavy? You're so light you blew away

You're a ray of light and I'm just a drop of water waiting to evaporate. 

Just a drop of water in an ocean and I found you

But no matter the devotion I'll never ever be like you

I wish that we could be children of the sun